Rather than promises, Ottinger Wealth Sales prefers to let our clients speak about the value of our training and consulting.

Here are only a few examples.

I learned more about selling and organization in three days than I’ve learned in the past 30 years…
Chicago Bank Wealth and Trust Manager
Sandra Ottinger took the time to understand my team’s individual issues that subsequently led to overall revenue growth for our organization.
Divisional Sales Director, Asset Management Firm
Thank you for providing what I consider the tools for my success. You offered something I’ve never seen in previous sales training courses” practical application.
Regional Fiduciary Division Manager
… Sandra’s training and presentation style paid big dividends in expanding our prospect network… improving sales… accelerating closing… and increasing revenue…
National Sales Director, Asset Management Firm
… excellent ammunition for salespeople on the firing line.
Boston Bank Wealth Management Salesperson
… insight, knowledge and straight-forward approach to sales provided a clear roadmap for effective sales management.
Northwestern Wealth Management Sales Manager
Working with Sandra is easy because she does the heaviest lifting… she understands the context of sales needs…
Divisional Sales Manager
I’m now at 85% 0f my annual goal in June. I attribute my success to your suggestions that I have implemented.
Regional Bank Wealth Management Salesperson