In addition to the sales training program and sales coaching, OWS has training programs beneficial for any person who works with clients.

These programs are delivered in affiliation with JAM Consulting Group, Inc.

Building executive presence.  The program provides insights and applications around 3 areas of executive presence that influence others and break ties in your favor.

Key Concepts and Takeaways

  1. Understanding the 3 key influencers: personal, social and emotional appeal.
  2. Tools to identify blind-spots and make improvements.
  3. Awareness of traits of the highly successful, and how they impact your executive presence.

Presentation development and delivery. To be a truly effective speaker, you not only need to be informational, you also need to be motivational.  Learn the ins-and-outs of structure and delivery and increase your ability to connect with and motivate your audience.

Key Concepts and Takeaways

  1. Presentation structure to create the greatest impact on your audience. Connecting with both the emotional as well as the logical sides of the brain.
  2. Presentation delivery utilizing your natural style. Creating a more confident presence on the stage based on how you use your voice, eyes and body.

Time Management.  Effective and productive use of our time is something we all strive for.  But identifying where and how to use that limited resource can be challenging.  In this course, we look to identify those key activities, prioritize based on what provides the greatest return and develop a personal plan to accomplish it.

Key Concepts and Takeaways

  1. Creating awareness of where time is being allocated.
  2. Identifying and prioritizing critical and non-critical activities.
  3. Developing a personal plan to provide structure to your day/week/month.